Finding Relief with Respite Care

How Respite Care can help you care for your loved one and yourself.

Caring for an aging loved one can be a difficult and lonely road.

Oftentimes spouses, immediate family, and friends struggle to understand the time, energy, and attention it takes to support an aging loved one while balancing the demands of your work, your family, and your own household. And finding time for yourself not only feels like an afterthought, but something that seems almost impossible to come by. This can cause an invisible toll on your mental and emotional well-being, putting a physical strain on your relationships and your health.

Taking advantage of Respite Care services can provide a welcome reprieve.

A short-term caregiving solution, Respite Care provides your aging loved one with the same level of comfort and companionship they’re accustomed to, while giving you some much needed relief and the time you need to take care of you.

At Daughter for Hire, we understand you’re not looking for full-time care and that you might even feel a certain amount of guilt for even considering a caregiver in the first place. While that’s a completely natural feeling to have, it’s important to consider the benefits respite care would have not only on your health and well-being, but on your quality of caregiving as well. After all, caregiving is a vocation! We understand how demanding it can be to provide this level of care, and while it can be a calling for some, we know not everyone is cut out for the role you play in your aging loved one’s life.


You’ve likely heard the Snickers slogan “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry.” Interpreted for full-time caregivers, you’re not able to provide your best care if you’re not taking care of yourself first. When you take time to get the proper amount of rest to recharge your batteries, you’re in a better frame of mind to provide the quality care and support your loved one deserves.

Consider the following benefits of short-term Respite Care and how it can benefit you, your loved one, and the caregiving relationship you have with whom you care for:

Peace of Mind – Daughter for Hire only works with the most compassionate of caregivers; those who can provide your loved one with the same level of care and respect that you do each day. Oftentimes, the caregivers we hire have spent time caring for their own loved ones – parents, grandparents, or otherwise. Providing care to the senior population is a calling they’re passionate about, and they find fulfillment in caring for your loved one in equal measure that they cared for their own loved ones.

Knowing your aging loved one is being given the same level of care and respect you provide them can help ease your concerns in the event you need to take time away from your caregiving duties. Plus, our caregivers are bonded and insured to provide service throughout the Mohawk Valley and the Capital Region, so you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving quality, certified care.

Time for Respite – This one might seem obvious, but few acknowledge that caregiving can be a 24/7 task for some individuals. When other family members are unable to help, whether it’s due to work, living far away, or other responsibilities, the task of providing care falls entirely on you. This can lead to undue stress, fatigue, irritability, and bitterness. It’s important that you know these are all acceptable feelings, and you’re not alone in feeling them! But the longer you go without addressing these feelings and take the time you need to relax and de-stress, the more it may impact the quality of care you’re providing your loved one.

When you take advantage of our services at Daughter for Hire you’re not only benefitting your mental and emotional health by taking some much-needed time for you, but you’re also benefitting the relationship you have with your loved one. Like we said – it’s hard to take care of someone else if you’re not first taking care of yourself. Consider how you could take advantage of Respite Care: whether it’s taking time for rest, shopping, taking a walk, exercising, reading, spending time with family and friends – the list goes on – there are many things you can do for yourself while your loved one is being taken care of by a licensed caregiver.

A Fresh Eye – Our experienced caregivers are just that – experienced. While this might be your first time providing care and support for an aging loved one, our companions have a long history of providing a helping hand to the elderly community. Even if it’s not your first time caring for someone, at Daughter for hire® you may learn new ways to provide support for your loved one, and they too may learn new ways to interact with their environment and their daily tasks as they age and decline.

Respite Care allows an opportunity for them (and you) to interact with someone new; someone trusted; and someone who is familiar with and understands the demands of a caregiving relationship. And as a caregiver yourself, when you can meet with other caregivers who have experienced similar challenges as you, it can be beneficial and reassuring to know that you’re not alone, and that the world of caregiving is not as isolating as you might think.

*** Interested in learning more about Respite Care? Contact us using the information at the bottom of this page to learn how we can help you loved ones remain in place in the comfort of their own home. Our offices are open for scheduling, questions about our service and our care companions, and to provide information on how we can help yo

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