Difficult Conversations: Helping An Aging Parent

Having a conversation about declining health with an aging parent can be a very stressful and difficult one. Your parent may not see the need or they might feel uncomfortable with the thought of losing their independence. We have put together a list of tips to help you have a positive, successful discussion with your parent about their health and future.

Put yourself in their shoes: Someday this will be you, so it’s incredibly important to treat them with the same love and respect that you would want in return.

Lay out your concerns: What are your key concerns for your parent? Writing things down ahead of time will help you stay on track.

Do your homework: What services are out there, and what options may be appropriate based on your parent’s needs?

Keep as much independence as possible: From making decisions to finding services, having a say in the process will help them feel better.

Keep your plan to action: Once you have addressed the concerns and researched the resources that are available to you, both you and your parent can now comfortably and confidently put the necessary steps in place to get the help they need.

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