Creative Activities for Seniors and Caregivers

Creative Activities for Seniors and Care Companions

The treasure of time well spent together.

There’s a common misconception that caregivers are only there to provide an aging senior with enough support to do their everyday tasks without sustaining injury or risking their health or home. While that’s the professional and primary goal of caregiving, it’s easy to overlook the many other ways caregivers provide support to the elderly community beyond their physical needs.

Aside from being a helping hand through their daily routine so that they maintain a sense of self, the literal act of companionship is paramount to an aging person’s physical, mental, and emotional vitality.

It’s the treasure of time well spent together!

But while caregivers do their best, it can sometimes be a struggle to find new or creative ways to fill the hours. Not to worry! Taking advantage of one or more of the activities listed below, with offerings for a variety of ability levels, caregivers can not only discover new ways to stay engaged with care companions throughout the course of the day or the length of their companionship, but plenty of ways to promote a healthy and active mind, while having a little fun too!


Start a Puzzle – after increasing in popularity during the pandemic, jigsaw puzzles are a great way to spend one-on-one time together while creating a fun piece of art! Available in a variety of piece sizes and styles – from simple landscapes and artwork to Disney film scenes and Thomas Kinkade paintings – they’re a great choice for first-timers or the more-avid puzzle lover. You can buy a rolling mat or table so you can work on your puzzle when you want to and have it out of your way when you don’t. And when you’re done? Frame your new work of art or disassemble for easy pickup and storage.

Get Coloring – coloring books also increased in popularity during the pandemic as a creative and colorful way to keep your mind engaged while having a relaxing, peaceful way to pass the time. And gone are the days of the simple children’s coloring book! Nowadays, you can color almost any scenario you can think of. Whether you’re interested in wildflowers, cityscapes, geometric patterns; if you can think of it, there’s a coloring book for it. You can even try and stay in the lines while you shade in your favorite movie or sitcom characters. After all, who wouldn’t love a Golden Girls coloring book?

Grow a Garden – doesn’t have to be a big one! You can even use something as small as a coffee mug to get started. Then, choose seeds from your favorite type of flower, plant, small fruit, or vegetable. With a little soil, water, sun, and attention, you’ll see growth in no time! Have some fun and paint or craft the pot of your choosing. And consider making a growth chart to see your plants’ progress over time.

Throw a Listening Party – take a musical walk down memory lane! Play CDs. Dust off old records your senior may have around the home. Portable record players are easy to find at Walmart or Target. Or consider free trials of YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music. You’ll gain access to old music catalogues that some might have thought got lost to the ages. Tap your feet, sing along, or put on your dancing shoes! It might surprise you what memories a song can evoke for an aging loved one. Or, how easily they remember the words to their favorite songs.

Watch the Classics – same as their favorite music, it’s never been easier to access old tv shows and movies your senior loves. You don’t need premium cable to see the likes of Laurence Welk or The Waltons. Basic cable offerings like MeTV and PBS have entire lineups of their old favorites. You can find viewing schedules online. Or if you do have access to premium cable or streaming offerings, Max (formerly HBO Max) has an exclusive section for Turner Classic Movies (TCM). From Bogart and Bacall to Bing Crosby tap dancing with Danny Kaye, you’re sure to find a classic your senior knows and loves. You might even find a new favorite of your own!

Go to Church – if faith plays an important role in your senior’s life but they’ve not been able to attend, consider taking them to church! Most churches or parishes have a schedule on their website or in their weekly bulletin. Find a time that works best. Not able to go in-person? Some locations offer a live stream or recording of their weekly service so you can watch from home.

Prep Homecooked Meals – oftentimes it feels like a struggle or hassle to cook for one person. This means an aging person may not be eating the right foods or getting the proper nutrition they need. Take the time to prepare their favorite meals with them. Introduce them to recipes from your own background or upbringing. Make sizeable dishes they can reheat and eat throughout the week. Not interested in making a mess in the kitchen? Some restaurants offer family-sized meals or small catering portions. Order out, take home, and enjoy!

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